April 24th: Change of weeknight route!


I am happy to say that I have changed my route for 2 out of my 3 runs this week.  Rather than go the same 3 mile loop around my vicinity, I have done two 5 +/- mile runs along completely different routes.

Tonight’s run was south on A1A ending at a peer where we stretched and took a little walk to enjoy the view before heading back to our cars.  When we got back, we took off our shoes and cooled off our tootsies in the ocean before driving home.

While today was not one of my best runs, I must say that I feel myself getting stronger.  In general, I’m running faster, feeling stronger while running and becoming an all around better athlete.  This summer’s training is going to be insane!  I plan on running in the mornings when I feel most energized and get stronger through cross training day by day.

Summer vacation could not come fast enough!!!

April 23rd: My chocolate fix continues

chocolate 2

Today, Casey picked up a special treat for dessert to enjoy after the dinner I made us!  “Chocolate Mayday” a limited edition beer from Salt Water Brewery in Delray Beach not far from the town where we live.

Got home late after some meetings, got changed, went for my run, showered, cooked then enjoyed….Not a bad way to top off a Wednesday ;)  Now that lent is over, I’ll take chocolate in any way possible.


April 21st: Weeknight Run with thoughts of Boston

boston marathon logo

Today, we decided to go for a run in honor of the Boston Marathon.  Around 5 miles at a steady pace.  Good conversation and great company.

We are blessed to have the health, strength, ability and safe environment to run in.  Simply put, we run because we can…. and thats reason enough. :)

Congrats to all those that participated!



April 20th: 40 days and 40 nights without you…Oh Chocolate, how I missed thee!


For lent, I gave up chocolate.

Yup!  The most amazing flavor EVER was inaccessible to me for all 40 days and 40 nights.  I kept my promise and never broke it once.  So, considering how much I was craving it this whole time, I was surprised that I wasn’t overcome with the desire to run to the kitchen and take a bite out of the chocolate bar I had in my pantry when I woke up Sunday morning.

Instead, I enjoyed a lovely 7am Easter service on the beach, a wonderful drive by the water, several cups of coffee, a nap and THEN decided to eat this very delicious double chocolate chip cookie at my mom’s house as we waited for lunch to be served… totally worth the wait!  Can you see the look of bliss on my face!?

We ate twice and were EXHAUSTED when it was over but it was a great day.  Very blessed.  Happy Easter or Passover everyone! :)

April 19th: Heat Exhaustion = Lesson Learned


When my alarm went off at 6:30am Saturday morning for my long-run, it was thundering out.  I remember that the weather report had said it was going to be a wet weekend so I decided to sleep in and go on my run at whatever time I naturally woke up…. “If its going to be an over-cast day it won’t matter what time I go running anyway.”  I told myself.

I got my lazy butt out of bed around 8:30, leisurely got myself dressed, let the dogs out and made it to the beach for my run by around 9:30.  It was still overcast and gloomy so it was PERFECT!  “I’m going to run 9 instead of 7 today.  The weather couldn’t be better.”  I told myself.  Well… at just about mile 5 the sun decided it would burn all the clouds away and the sky would turn the most gorgeously clear color blue imaginable.

Question: Have you ever felt so hot that even your clothes feel heavy?…  Have you ever felt like the sun is literally chasing you as you’re running?… yeah, that’s how I felt.  So, I brilliantly decided to speed it up because, the faster I ran, the faster I would finish.   And I wanted to get this s*%! over with NOW.

As I got to an intersection (where I very frustratingly had to wait to cross the street) my heart rate slowed and all of a sudden my head felt like staticky television, salty sweat fell into my eyes and I started to feel a little unsteady on my feet.  Thankfully, only a little ways further, I saw a fold-out table with a water cooler on top and a dog dish on the bottom.

A local real estate office had set the water out for walkers and their dogs to entice them to take a business card and check out their listings in the area…. Thank goodness they did!  I took several big gulps and waved thank you through their glass doors without really being able to tell if anyone was there to see me.  Either way, I was very grateful.  I spent the rest of my run miserably wanting to be finished but I got through it safely.

Lessons Learned:

  1. Wake up EARLY for your runs especially during the warmer months.
  2. Even if you THINK its going to be over-cast, plan out some water stops on the way!
  3. I need to start wearing shorts for my runs because the capris I wear are WAY too hot.
  4. If I were a man, I’d totally go shirtless every time I ran.
  5. Real estate in that area is VERY expensive and I’ll have to change careers if I ever want a house on the beach because this education thing is awesome and everything but not lucrative enough to buy you property near the water.


April 18th: Grand Slam!!


Well, in our efforts to keep changing it up and have little adventures, we decided to go to a Marlins game this Friday.  I must admit to not being much of a baseball fan because games can be so slow-moving (and, frankly, boring).  But let me tell you… we picked quite a night to see a game!

Not only did I get to see the enormous enclosed stadium that was newly built for the Marlins for the first time but, the game was intense, fast-paced and incredibly exciting.  At the bottom of the 9th inning we won the game with a grand slam.  This was only fittingly followed by the roof of the stadium opening up and us being treated to the most intense fireworks show I’ve ever seen outside of Disney World, lol.  What a night!