Starting Seeds


One of the few benefits of bearing this oppressive Florida heat during the summer months is the tropical fruit that it brings.  Of the papaya, avocado, mamey and nispero (or sapote as some cultures call it) I love, love, love…. MANGO!

As I’ve said before, my neighbor has a huge tree that gives an absurd amount of fruit and I’ve been reaping the benefits of this since earlier this month. While I’ve been baking away, my mom has been YouTube-ing how to start the seeds so that we can eventually have our own tree. 

Isn’t this gorgeous!

Detox: Day 1:-P


This is my second time doing the Dr . Oz Detox Cleanse.  I think I’ve mastered making the smoothies in a way that make them more palatable. For the lunch time smoothy, for example, I take out the fibrous stands from the celery and peel half the cucumber before blending. -no one likes a mealy, chewy smoothy :-P

Breakfast and lunch are down.  Only have dinner and some warm glasses of green tea to go for today…. Here’s the info for any of you who’d like to try.


How to Prevent Marathon Fatigue | Runner’s World


Awesome article! Eeeek! So scared yet exhilarated for this coming season.  I’m going to be attempting my first full marathon in 5 years.  I’ve almost completely forgotten the painful aftermath… almost… lol

Father’s Day Surprise: Mango Tres Leches


When my father’s mango tree started to give fruit a few weeks ago, I teased that I wanted some.  He jokingly responded that he would, under the condition that I invented a mango flavored Tres Leches cake (his favorite dessert).

I accepted the challenge and secretly made him one for father’s day! It came out so amazingly moist,  creamy and mango-y I have to pat myself on the back.  Lol. I’m submitting the recipe into a contest so I can’t share just yet but will let you know the results!