Many of you have probably seen this Always commercial already but, for the few who haven’t, I must share.  This very powerfully shows the power of words and how even to this day, describing something as being done “like a girl” is meant to be insulting.

I’ll be tagging all of my EPIC and not-so-epic accomplishments this season with #likeagirl.  Saying that I run “like a girl” is probably the best compliment you can give me… second only to “You’re crazy!”  Enjoy:

Active.com’s Tips to Run through the Heat

run in heat 3

The heat is getting fierce and my long runs have gotten slower and more taxing as a result.  There are a few things you can do to stay safe during the hottest months of the year and the following article from Active.com lists most of the tricks that I commit to during the summer.  On my last long-run, for example, I left at 7am only to realize that this was already too late in the day.  The earlier in the morning (or later in the evening) the better.  Check out the link for other useful info:


… and Strawberry too!

strawberry jam

And for those that like my post on home-made Mango Jam,


I have to also share that we decided to make some strawberry jam afterwards too!  Sticky, sweet, messy fun!

Home-made Mango Jam

mango jam

Its mango season in South Florida!  People who are blessed enough to have a tree in their back yard are eating them up and desperately trying to give them away to co-workers, neighbors and friends, lest they should rot on the ground or get eaten by squirrels, opossums… or the dog.  (My dog Charlie has eaten a few of my neighbor’s mangos and has come back into the house with quite the cute mango mustache on several occasions.)

Well, my caddy corner neighbor and my mother’s next door neighbor has the most gorgeous and fruit-filled mango tree in the neighborhood.  Luckily they believe that sharing is caring and gave us a few.  And this is what we came up with to use up that yummy goodness. Mango jam!!

Delicious on toast, on a ritz cracker with cream cheese, in the center of thumb print cookies or simply spooned right into your mouth!  Although the process is fun, its time consuming and messy.  All worth it in the end, though.  Check out the photos of our afternoon together.


robert brault

No more need for tears.  I’ve found my focus.

Sometimes we humans create and work towards goals just to keep our minds engaged and to keep ourselves focussed on things we feel we do have a level of control over. Focussing and working towards achieving things we feel that we can actually attain gives our minds a rest from the hurt and seeming hopelessness of those things we have no power to change… We figure, “At least I can move forward in some way.”  And the truth is it helps, because we ultimately do move towards something… Anything.

But here’s why I hadn’t truly yet shed the tear and found the focus: I was proud of my races but had no one waiting or cheering for me at the finish.  I made food for myself but had no one to share my meals with.  I had ideas for all sorts of creative activities but had no one to see enjoy them when I was done.  I could think of a ton of fun things I wanted to do and try but had friends too far away to enjoy them with.

But I finally understood the very simple missing piece: I needed to reach out to the people I already had in my life and create connections to even more.  And that doesn’t mean that I’m needy.  It just means that I’m full of love.  Love for my family, love for my friends, love for happiness and love for life.  I like to share my life and I like to live it in many different directions at once because it makes me feel, hectic, happy and fulfilled.  I need to have adventures to look forward to, even if the adventure is one that I’ve had a million times before.

The reality is, I already had tons of people to share my life with, and I’m meeting more and creating friendships with others to share it with further… and, hopefully, I’ll find that one specific person I’m looking for soon. :) <3


Finished Just in Time…

9 miles

Well, I only set the clock back 15 minutes ONCE this morning but, I managed to get up and get my mileage in as planned.

It wasn’t my happiest run… I usually feel better and better as the miles pass but, today I got a stitch on the left side of my rib cage at mile 7.  I tried to exhale through it and keep going but I wasn’t a happy camper and it slowed me down about 30 sec per mile.

Another thing I wasn’t too crazy about during this run was that the bridge I run over had to be raised to let a boat go by on my way back. Although this gave me a well needed break, I question whether or not my average pace really counts, considering I had rest time that I wouldn’t truly have during a race.

Either way, I’m happy.  The minute I finished it began to thunder pretty loudly… As I drove home, the heavens opened up to one of our lovely Florida torrential downpours, lol.  I like running in the rain but, that thunder and lightning would have really been awful to run through.

One long run completed for the week… Next one will probably be this weekend :)