Wings for Life


Dear friends & followers,

Like all runners, I have had a love/hate relationship with this sport since I began 7 years ago. There have been many runs during which I have deeply questioned my sanity and ultimately conceded to a level of masochism not shared by most. Despite these feelings, however, I have always, ALWAYS given thanks to God for giving me a sound body that is capable of such a primal and liberating act. How beautiful it is to exercise my privilege to run!

Wings for Life Foundation’s aim is to find a cure for spinal cord injury. Promoting advancement in spinal cord research is important to me. This year, I have decided to not only run for my own sense of happiness and freedom, but to dedicate myself to a greater cause. I want to run for those who can’t and would greatly appreciate your help in achieving my fundraising goal of $1500.

I will be logging my weekly mileage and posting it on my blog this season. You can either pledge to donate a certain amount of money based on my mileage logged during race season from October 1, 2014 to March 1, 2015 (i.e. 10 cents per mile logged during this time @ 250 miles = $25) or simply make a general, and hopefully generous, donation now.

100% of your donation goes directly to spinal cord research since the foundation’s administrative costs are completely covered by Red Bull!

Please join me in supporting this great organization by making a donation today.



Just click on the link below!  Also, check out the Wings for Life page on this blog!!!


Do… Epic… Shit

doepicshitI consider October 1st to be the official start of running season here in South Florida and I’m so excited I can barely contain myself… This is evident to all of my friends and co-workers who are just about at their wits end listening to me squeal with excitement each time I register for another race or realize how few days are left until my first 1/2!!!!

I have been training HARD this summer and its payed off because I’ve gotten FAST. Well, faster than I have ever been personally at least.  I’m both scared and excited to begin the season and often wonder… Will I achieve my goal?  Last year, my goal was simply to improve my time by a minimum of 2 minutes each race and I achieved this. Actually, I not only achieved it, I surpassed my goal by decreasing my time by 3+ minutes a race, ending my season with a 2:03 half marathon at the Orlando “Best Damn Race” 2014.  This, ironically, WAS the best damn race I had ever done.

What this year, then?

This year, I’ve decided that I want to achieve what one of the strongest and most knowledgable lady athletes I have ever met, Nicole, taught be about this summer as I took a class with her at a triathlon training center.  Its a little something she calls “Epic Shit.”  Yeah, that’s right… I want to achieve some Epic Shit this season, people, and I have decided that I will be doing this by breaking a 2 hour half marathon.  I want to run with the big girls and I only have to shave 3 minutes off my best time to do it.  But what a long, tedious and frightening 3 minutes it is!    

Just as I fear injury, I fear failure.  But, my excitement and belief in myself is stronger than any fear that I may have.  Let the season begin!!!!

P.S. I have also decided not to just run for myself this year.  I’ve put together a page with a great organization that I’ll tell you all more about on October 1st!!



Hamster on a Wheel


3 worst things about running on a treadmill at the gym:

1. Feeling like a caged hamster running on a wheel.

2. Having to smell gross old-man cologne for the entire length of your workout because you can’t run past the guy next to you… because you’re a hamster on a wheel.

3. Not being able to escape getting hit on by weird guys because they know you can’t move away from them…. because you’re a hamster on a wheel.

1 redeeming aspect of running on a treadmill at the gym:

1. Decreased swamp-ass/ lowered risk of heat stroke. 

That is all…

A Sign of Peace

Sorry I have left you for so long,  my friends.  I have had so many amazing changes occur in my life and I’m excited to fill you in! I have a new career,  new amazing friends to share my life with and new goals to achieve.

I’ve continued to run and feel that I’ve gotten stronger.  This summer,  I have kept my schedule pretty regular.  I have treated myself to several recovery walks along the ocean afterwards and these pictures are from my greatest of discoveries while on one of these walks… a baby sea turtle making its way back to the ocean.

It’s brothers and sisters had left it much earlier in the day and it was stumbling around trying to figure out which way to go.  So precious and tiny!

When I posted this on Facebook,  a friend of mine informed me that turtles traditionally represent peace in one’s life.  How fitting that I should see this now.  I am happy and at peace… there are so many adventures to look forward to in the upcoming months.  I can’t wait to find my way to the ocean and experience the successes of all my efforts!





Many of you have probably seen this Always commercial already but, for the few who haven’t, I must share.  This very powerfully shows the power of words and how even to this day, describing something as being done “like a girl” is meant to be insulting.

I’ll be tagging all of my EPIC and not-so-epic accomplishments this season with #likeagirl.  Saying that I run “like a girl” is probably the best compliment you can give me… second only to “You’re crazy!”  Enjoy:’s Tips to Run through the Heat

run in heat 3

The heat is getting fierce and my long runs have gotten slower and more taxing as a result.  There are a few things you can do to stay safe during the hottest months of the year and the following article from lists most of the tricks that I commit to during the summer.  On my last long-run, for example, I left at 7am only to realize that this was already too late in the day.  The earlier in the morning (or later in the evening) the better.  Check out the link for other useful info: